Tips for Selecting the Best Treats for your Cat

Tips for Selecting the Best Treats for your Cat

What’s one of the best ways to bond with your cat? Ask any cat owner, and you’ll get varying answers. However, one thing stands consistent- treats. Playing with your cat and offering treats as rewards is one of the best, if not easiest, ways to bond.

That said, cats can be highly selective regarding the food they eat. This is one reason you need to put a little extra attention into their diet and nutrition, from what they eat for meals to what they have for treats.

Because cats are so selective, you would need to offer a variety of treats to please their preferences. This does not mean giving different treats daily, but just trying different flavors and types whenever your treats run out. Instead of buying the same thing each time, try something different instead.

You can swap out your treats according to different mouthfeels, sizes, protein intake, taste, and flavor. Here are some tips for selecting the best treats for your feline:

It’s Made From High-Quality Ingredients

One thing that you must always be consistent with is that these treats are made with high-quality ingredients. All cat treats need to be free from artificial colors and meet value and ingredient sourcing standards. This is why Lick’ n’ Lap treats, the most popular treat in Vitakraft’s lineup of unique and exciting cat treats, are made with real chicken and salmon. It’s also packaged in convenient, single-serve squeeze pouches designed for hand-feeding.

It’s The Right Portion Size.

Treats should make up only 10% or less of a cat’s diet, and treats need to be used sparingly for training and special occasions. For instance, Lick’ n’ Lap cat treats by Vitakraft were evaluated and recognized by PEOPLE magazine’s panel of staffers and their cats for their undeniable appeal due to their squeezable, interactive format and hearty, delicious ingredients. This format makes it easy for cat owners to squeeze this snack straight from the end of the sachet onto a plate or even on your finger for your cat to enjoy.

Lick’ n’ Lap cat treats are perfect for all stages of a cat’s life and are the experts recommended choice for bonding and training.

It’s been okayed by your vet.

Treats come in all shapes and sizes. You want treats that work well with your cat’s overall nutrition plan. This is especially true if your cat has special dietary needs or specific nutrition recommendations. If you are planning to try a new treat for your cat. Speak to your vet. They are valuable resources for helping you get the best ingredients for your cat.

It Uses Fewer Artificial Ingredients.

The fewer ingredients, the better. If you are using treats to train or bond with your cat, avoid treats with a long list of artificial ingredients. No cat needs artificial flavors or colors to enjoy its meals or treats. When looking for treats, ensure only natural preservatives are available to keep these treats fresh. If you’re looking for choices, the Lick’ n’ Lap varieties come in Snacks, Smooth Jelly, and Meaty Gravy, in both Chicken and Salmon flavors, all with the freshest and most natural ingredients.

Not All Cats Will Like The Same Treats.

Yes, cats are selective, and if you have more than one at home, chances are only some of your cats will like the same treats. A cat’s interest in chewing will also influence the treats they like or dislike. Some cats love Vitakraft Lick ‘n’ Lap cat treats due to its squeezable, interactive format. Some cats, on the other hand, prefer bite-sized morsels. Some cats like to nibble on turkey tendons, chicken feet, and larger treats. The trick here is to try a variety of treats now and then to see which treats appeal to which cat. You can also rotate these treats among your cats to that each one of them can get a taste of each treat.

Switch Up Treats With Live Plants

 Live plants may be the treat your cat needs for a low-calorie alternative. Cats love to snack, but now and then, you can give them some greenery to snack on, such as cat grass or catnip. If your cats are prone to nibbling house plants, this may be a sign that you need to provide live plants as part of their treats. Providing life plants help cats get their fill of chlorophyll without exposure to fertilizers and pesticides.

How to buy the best cat food, according to veterinarians

What To Avoid In Cat Treats?

 Most cat treats come in soft, crunchy, or hard forms. You can also purchase freeze-dried cat treats and squeezable formats such as the ones from Lick’ n’ Lap cat treats by Vitakraft.

To go the extra mile in ensuring you get the best treats for your feline, here are some cat treats to avoid at all costs:

  • Anything Raw

Raw meat items may contain bacteria that could cause severe illnesses in your cat. It’s always better to stay away from raw treats for your cats.

  • Anything Jerky

Jerky treats come with a list of preservatives and artificial ingredients. They often contain seasonings and food colorings that harm your cat’s health.

  • Anything High in Calorie

Give your cat the best and stay away from treats containing high amounts of fat, carbs, sugar, salt, and other unrecognizable ingredients. If it’s something you won’t eat at all, why give it to your pets?

You also want to consider any food allergies that your cats may have. When purchasing cat treats, make sure to read the label to confirm that no allergen is included.

Final Thoughts

A quick note to keep in mind when buying cat treats. Due to a cat’s selective nature with food and treats, they may not like what you bring home immediately, and this is a common reaction, so don’t worry. The best way to see if your cat would enjoy a new treat is by treating them to samples or by purchasing treats in smaller quantities first. See how they react to eating it. Only buy a more significant amount once you know your feline loves the new treats.