The Uncovered Secrets Of Australian Shepherd Puppies

The Uncovered Secrets Of Australian Shepherd Puppies

Many of us love puppies, and not just any other puppy but Australian shepherd ones, just from their look, their size and their behavior, they are amazing. But behind all these are many more characters that we have not known about. In this article, I am going to take you through some very important secrets that will help you have a better knowledge of the puppy you love most and are probably rearing in your house. The Australian Shepherd puppies have very many characteristics including the following:

  • Some are tail-less
  • Are prone to Heterochromia
  • Normally are attracted to one or two people
  • Are exellent in therapy
  • Have varied names

Tail-Less Puppies

AS we are used to looking at puppies, you may have noticed seeing one or a number of the puppies without a tail, well you don’t have to get worried about the pain the puppy is going through, the tail was not cut off, its just a gene that occurs in Australian shepherd puppies. The possibility of the gene to occur is calculated as one in five puppies, no wonder they are very few.

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Prone To Heterochroma

When this is mentioned, in most cases, owners of Australian shepherd puppies always get worried where to get a vet to check their puppies, not at all, it is just a character trait to have different color eyes. The colors range from blue, green, brown and so many more. If your puppy shows have this kind of color, you have nothing to worry about, it is their gene that they carry in their bloodline.

They Are Attracted To One Or Two People

Many Australian puppy owners always have a tale of how their puppies love to be with them almost everywhere they go. This behavior makes them perfect in obedience training. For those who love cuddling and carrying pets around, an Australian shepherd puppy will suit you best.

Have Exellent Therapy

Australian Shepherd puppies are so exellent in service, with high ability to be trained, they can easily adapt to whatever service you want them to. Whether it is your day to day activities or some specific tasks you want, Australian shepherds are the best fit for your service.

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Have Varied Names

Australian shepherd puppies as the popular name, are said to have originally come from Spain, they were bred in the States and other places. This gives them different names like California, Mexican shepherds, and many others.