Long Island Puppy Parties: Making Your New Puppy Socialize

Puppy Parties

Puppy Parties

Socialization or social activity means learning to be part of society. When we are talking about socializing your pet puppies, it means that helping the little dogs learn to be more comfortable as a good pet within the human society that includes a lot of different kinds of people, buildings, environments, noises, sights, animals, smell and other puppies or dogs.

A lot of young animals like small dogs are naturally trained to be able to get used to things that they encounter every day in their environment until they reach a certain age. When the puppy reaches that age, they become more suspicious of the things that they have not yet experienced.

Nature is very smart. The age-specific development will let the young puppy get comfortable with their everyday sounds, sights, animals and people that will be part of their daily life. It will make sure that they do not spend their entire life jumping because they are afraid of every bird song or blowing leaves. The suspicion the puppy develops in their later puppy’s life also makes sure that they will react with a healthy dose of care to new things that can genuinely be very dangerous.

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What is the best time for puppies to be exposed to socialization?

Dog babies are most accepting of their new experiences between three to twelve weeks old. After that, they become more cautious about the things that they have not yet encountered. From about twelve to eighteen weeks old, the opportunity to socialize the puppy easily will end.

With each passing week, it will become harder and harder to get the puppy to accept or enjoy something that they initially get cautious about. After eighteen weeks old, it is very difficult and sometimes close to impossible to teach the dog to like new things or help them become more comfortable with things they find frightening.

Why does the puppy socialization very important?

A well-socialized and well-engaged puppy usually develop int a more relaxed, enjoyable and safer pet dog. It is because they are more comfortable with different varieties of situations compared to dogs that are poorly socialized. That is why there is a small chance that they will behave poorly, aggressively or fearfully when faced with aggression or fear of unfamiliar dogs, people or experiences.

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Dogs or puppies that are relaxed when it comes to cats, veterinary, cyclists, crowds, long stairwells or examinations are safer and more comfortable to live with compared to dogs and puppies who find these types of situations more threatening. A well-socialized pet also lives a much more relaxed, happy and peaceful life compared to dogs who are constantly pressured or stressed out by the people or things around them.

Socialization is not an all-or-nothing program or scheme. You can make your puppy socialize a little bit, a lot or a whole lot. The higher the range of the experience you expose them, the better their chances of being more comfortable in different varieties of situations when they turn to adult dogs.

How do you make puppies socialized?

Making your dogs or puppies socialize is a great program. It requires different exposure to various types of animals, people, sounds, places or experiences that you want your pets to get comfortable with later in their life when they reach adulthood. Depending on the kind of lifestyle you have planned for your pets, it might include the sound and sight of trains, groups of screaming children, garbage trucks, cats, crowds, crying infants or livestock.

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While it is almost impossible to expose a small puppy to everything that they will encounter in their life, the more base you can cover during the socialization period of three to twelve weeks, the bigger the chance the puppy can generalize from his or her prior experiences and find things a lot more familiar when a situation comes. For any dogs, it is very important to get the puppies used to the most common kinds of dogs, people, sounds, sights and physical handling or grooming that will be a part of their daily life.