Koi Carp Fish Survival under Various Stresses

Koi Carp Fish Survival under Various Stresses

Koi carps are native to Japan but they are transported worldwide because people love to keep them in water gardens, ponds, and aquariums. If you are looking for resistant and high-performing varieties of Koi carp, you must Buy Koi Carp that are of premium quality and are available at a reasonable price range. Each variety is associated with some amazing features that you would love to embrace.

To your surprise, you can go for Koi Carp like Japanese Koi if you aim at keeping them for a long period because they live for 40 years. The overall survival rate of Koi carps is up to 70%. How different types of stresses affect the survival of a Koi Carp depends are given in detail below:

Do Koi Carps Die Of Freezing?

If the pond is frozen in winters, Koi carps can survive easily under the ice. The only factor that matters is the Oxygen levels of water. If it is compromised, Koi Carp will not survive and die of Anoxia. This is the reason why it is recommended to maintain a non-uniform depth of trench while designing a Koi pond. As a result, water in the depth would not be frozen.

Can Koi Fish Survive Cold Water?

Koi are cold-water fish but thrive in water temperatures between 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Because their metabolism reacts to the temperature of the water that they live in, you’ll want to be sure your pond has both shallow areas as well as spaces that are deep enough so it does not freeze to the bottom

How Long Do Koi Fish Survive Without Food?

A Koi fish can survive the whole winter season with very little or no food due to a decline in water temperature leading to a slow metabolism. In the summer season, Koi fish eat adequate food and store it for the upcoming winter season. Remember to feed them well in the summer season so they enter the winter season in the best of their health and immunity.

How Do I Know If My Koi Fish Are Starving?

If you notice that the Koi fish is looking for something in its ecosystem, it must be food. It means the fish is hungry and is in search of food. Sometimes, Koi fish when hungry tend to travel to the surface of the water frequently to receive food. You must not ignore this signal and feed them with some eatables.

What Happens When A Koi Carp Is Kept In Shallow Water?

A Koi Carp can easily survive in shallow waters for two days. However, if there are several Koi fish in the trench, space problems would arise and survival would be difficult.

How Ammonia Levels In The Pond Affect Koi Carps?

Koi carps are badly affected by the increased level of Ammonia in the water. The ammonia results from their excretion and if the water is not changed regularly, Koi carps may die of the increased levels of toxicity in the pond water they are living in.