Keep a Cat Happy With Cat-Sitting Tips

Keep a Cat Happy With Cat-Sitting Tips

Well, as the common social media theory goes, dogs on being taken care of consider the owners as Gods while cats on being taken care of consider themselves as Gods. This shall be the base of pet sitting, precisely cat sitting. Cats are typically majestic in attitude demanding to be pampered from time to time. Domesticated cats often tend to get anxious and depressed when things do not go as expected by them. They are sharp with their senses and can easily disapprove of the pet sitting procedures if not managed properly. So, here we bring you a few important cat sitting tips:

Cat’s Home Is The Preferable Place To Stay

Now, the first and foremost question that comes up in cat sitting is related to the place of sitting. This, from all sides of arguments, has to be the cat’s home, that is, the owner’s home and not, in any case, the sitter’s place. It is to be remembered that the sitter can easily adapt to a different place while it can be a huge problem for a cat to do a similar thing. Firstly, this would make the cat afraid, anxious and depressed out of the feeling of losing the owner and losing the entire lifestyle, affecting their appetite and in turn its entire health. The food and litter conditions will show major changes in such cases. This would make the cat feel disturbed after a point of time with significant psychological effects. However, there can be cases where such an option is not available. In such matters, the situation needs to be handled in a delicate way by the cat sitter with constant engaging activity with the cat so as to befriend with.

Be Introduced To The Cat

In case the cat sitter is unknown to the cat, it is important that he/she gets introduced to the cat before coming over for cat sitting. The sitter will get a clear knowledge of the place and anything and everything associated with the cat. This will also allow the cat to study the person approving of him/her in process. When the cat sees the owner and the sitter with each other for a considerable time, the cat will gradually grow a comfort zone for the sitter. As a part of this introduction process, the sitter needs to inspect the food locations as well as the litter locations of the cat in front of the cat.

Have A Cheerful Approach

It is absolutely important for the sitter to have a cheerful approach. A cat would love to stay in a calm ambience. However, that doesn’t mean the sitter needs to be boring, particularly in the case of younger cats. This will have a negative impact on the cat as it can become anxious. The sitter needs to be aware of the cat’s mood and should behave accordingly. Cats that are younger love to play and to be played with. Little toys, some times, out of daily use home items can be used to make them play. This would build their bond with the sitter. For older cats, calmness is a better choice while not allowing their anxiety about the owner’s return to develop.

Assure The Return Of The Owner Through Proper Signalling

Cats are absolute intelligent creatures. They would very well grab the words. Towards the end of the prescribed sitting time, the cat sitter needs to assure the cat of the return of the owner through proper signalling, like of course talking to the owner over the phone mentioning the cat’s name repeatedly. Another method includes checking the door with the attention of the cat so as to signal the return point of the owner.

Do Not Interfere In Their Personal Spaces

Often cats do not like being held close for cuddling. So, as a part of cat sitting, this comes as a strong no. Especially, a cat hates to be touched while it’s cleaning its body by licking. This is a serious invasion of their personal space.

Do Not Change The Routine

Cats are absolutely sensitive to changes in routines. The cat sitter must be made aware of the cat’s routine before the cat sitting procedure and should not let the same get violated.

Cats are self-confident creatures valuing their personal space before anything. As a part of a pet sitting, it becomes quite a thing to manage cats while kept away from their owners. These dos and don’ts for cat sitting if followed properly can surely make the task easier for anyone.