Indoor Training For Your Dog This Winter During Lockdown

Indoor Training

Indoor Training

Any dog owner wants a happy, safe, and well-mannered dog. Regular residential dog training sessions are necessary to make that happen, including during winter. If it’s very cold and snows a lot in your area, there are still some fun training activities that you could do indoors at home during lockdown.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some indoor training tips for your dog:

Shadow Game- the Shadow Game is a way to teach your dog polite walking and recall, which are useful to walk with your dog without a leash. Prepare some treats for reward and walk in any direction inside your home. If the dog follows you for a few minutes, give him a treat. If the dog walks ahead of you, put the treat on the floor, turn 180 degrees and walk a few paces to the other direction. The goal is to keep the dog following you and occasionally surprise him by making a turn.

Give- dogs are curious scavengers and sometimes, they pick up something nasty or dirty with their mouth. With this training, your dog will allow you to take anything from his mouth willingly. Without proper training, the dog may display an opposition reflex when you pull something from his mouth. Make sure your dog can’t run away and you can do this training in a small, closed room. Toss a favourite toy and when he picks it up, place one hand under his mouth and say the command “Give”. You can motivate the dog with a treat in your other hand as a trade. Practice this regularly until your dog is willing to give the toy without a treat.

Hide And Seek- this training prepares your dog for accidental separation, so he will remain calm. Hide in a room and call the dog to find you. Give him a warm praise and treat when the dog finds you. If your dog is getting quite good with this game, you may try hiding in a hard-to-find spot. This is also a way to train his sense of smell.

These are all tips that are favoured by residential dog training Liverpool experts and which can help you and your dog have fun while training during lockdown.

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