Incorporating Magnetic Therapy To Improve A Horses Wellbeing

Incorporating Magnetic Therapy To Improve A Horses Wellbeing

Learning to ride a horse requires ample patience because you need to grow with him as you boost your skill and this may even push you to make a connection with the animal. Let’s say that it is not enough to simply jump on it for this to start walking or running because you also need to feed, tame, and understand the behavior of this animal. I guess you should be sensitive to their needs since you will be riding on them often and it means that there should be trust between human beings and animals.

Well, it could be a tough task but that is the only way for him to listen or understand the rider, which means that communication is very important. Let’s say that you would like to run or walk around with your horse but you’ll notice that he looks weak and not active or focusing on your command. Given that, you may be thinking that he is sick and since you know him well, then you can call the vet immediately for consultation services and the best possible treatment.

When you are improving horses well being due to a particular illness or condition, it is essential to treat him properly and one way is through magnetic therapy. Pretty sure that this is one of the treatments that professionals recommend nowadays to keep the horse physically fit, active, and to stay healthy. These creatures may look very strong but his owner or the veterinarian knows when his body is not in a good shape, so do not take long and give him ample time to heal his body or recover the lost energy.

Magnetic Therapy

You should know that this kind of treatment is not only used on animals but also with human beings and it has been practiced for centuries. I guess, what we are using today is much more effective due to technology and more advanced or upgraded materials, especially when it comes to magnets. We now have machines that can materials in smaller sizes and can integrate these easily on various products, such as boots and rugs.

Keep in mind that this treatment is non-invasive and a natural way to help your horse heal his sickness. Let’s say that this serves as a support so that this animal can be healed naturally through the presence of magnets. This will aid in increasing the blood flow as well as oxygen level, it helps in reducing inflammation, and removing waste products from the body.

Why undergo Magnetic Therapy

Animals also suffer from various health conditions, such as muscle aches and stiff joints, especially after working hard. They are used to do activities outdoors like equestrianism – read more from, but there are times where their body also get tired and experience pains just like human beings. The older ones may also start having arthritis symptoms so they must be treated with remedies to prevent it from worsening.

We are all aware that your horse runs fast at times and may even be jumping here and there that’s why they can be injured, too. When this happens, they need to rest and through this magnetic therapy, the recovery can be faster. This is due to the magnet’s help since these are usually located in the key areas, so it would be great to get used to.

How it works

You have to use boots or a rug with magnets because these materials will serve as a bridge between the body of the horse and the magnet. Through physical contact, the magnetic field will be generated and this will penetrate the soft tissues and the muscles of the animal you are treating. In this way, there will be an increase in cellular activities.

There will also be an increase in the rate of repairing and regenerating the damaged body cells. This is a natural process to heal and a good way to recover from health conditions.

The magnets integrated into boots or rugs vary in size and type so the strength or gauss will depend on these factors. The gauss can be a basis to determine how deep the penetration is or the effectiveness of the therapy on the tissues of the animal’s body.


You may adapt this type of therapy to the daily routine because it is believed to be beneficial to the health and well-being of the animals. It may be helpful and a good way to show how much you care for his life, but when the situation gets tough and unmanageable, you should still seek an expert’s advice.

Anyway, incorporating this treatment will be helpful in warming up the muscles before and after the usual activities. It can serve as a form of relaxation and tension reliever as well. When the condition is not so good or when the body is sore, the treatment can ease the stiffness, reduce the swelling, support the healing process, and boost the overall well-being.

There are a few positive effects that can be used to treat your horse’s condition, such as injuries, osteoporosis, and arthritis to name a few – click this to continue reading on arthritis. It could be an anti-inflammatory and can increase the micro-circulation in the body’s cartilage as well as toxin elimination. Aside from that, it accelerates the cellular, ontogenesis, and lactic absorption processes.


Some people are not aware when it should not be incorporated or when it is better to ask a veterinarian. It might be beneficial in some ways, but we also need to be responsible to ensure the safety of our horse.

If the animal is injured, you should not incorporate this therapy during the first five days since the patient is still in the acute stage. Sometimes, they may suffer from bruises, bleeding, untreated infections, or open wounds and this won’t be the right time to apply the therapy because generating a magnetic field may lead to the expansion of the affected area. By the way, this is not a medical tool but a therapy which means that you should consult the experts when you can incorporate this treatment.