How to Groom Your Pet Dog Amidst Coronavirus?

How To Groom Your Pet Dog Amidst Coronavirus

What should we do for Grooming of dog amidst the coronavirus? When there is a pandemic situation around? As we all know, the conditions of the world due to coronavirus are getting severe again. Everyone is avoiding to take their pet in a salon but there is nothing too anxious about it because this article is going to help out to groom your dog at home. It is secure and also canny your money. If you want your dog care at point and wants him tidy, besides trimming, you can opt for omse online salon services or any healthcare services in case it is not feeling well. It’s quite easy to groom your dog but you need some skill set to have a good result. The foremost thing however, is to keep a healthy diet intact by offering quality food like royal canin, best dog food etc. There are a variety of stores and care centers as pet hangout and Dubaipetfood from where you can easily avail the satisfactory things for grooming your dogs. So, here are some prestigious tips and tools for you:


You must have scissors, brush, clips, and shampoo at the startup of grooming, these things are available online and also from markets highlighted before, Dubai pet dogThey are providing you the best varieties.



First and foremost, wash your dog properly with good quality shampoo so that if your dog coat is dirty. Keep the temperature mid. Also, it depends on the age of dogs. If you have a puppy, bathed at a warm temperature, use shampoo specially made for dogs. FOR dog care, if you do not have dog shampoo, you can use baby shampoo or any tearless shampoo. You can have these kinds of varieties from Dog pet food. The best place to wash your dog is outside because they shed a lot of hair while bathing. Use a large tub for them so that the hair didn’t create a mess. Also, they can clog your drain. So you can wrap some steel wool around the drain stopper. So that move to the tub. This is how you can groom your dog amidst coronavirus.

NOTE: Took a bath after giving him a bath.



After bath time, dry him properly. You can use a dryer too. After drying him, brush your dog appropriately and gently. You can have a metal brush if your dog hair is long, messy. So, that dead, matted hair can get lost. While brushing the dog’s coat, keep in mind that harsh brush can irritate your dog skin and also make a scratch in his skin. Be soft at his sensitive parts like the underside of the dog. The stomach is a sensitive part.


If your dog hair is short, then using clippers is the best way to cut their hair, especially if it is easy for a beginner to cut it. If you have a long-haired dog, then it is impossible to use clippers. Then use scissors.

 For short hairs: Use clippers, which is a fast track to get rid of work. Keep in checking the blades of clippers because it gets hot while using it continuously. So, take a space while doing it. If there is a matted hair part in the dog, use the scissors because it makes it difficult to remove with a clipper and can cause redness and infection. After, clippers use scissors for trimming. Because scissors are best to cut hair with eyes, ears, etc.

For long hair; Use your scissors, clip them also start cutting while cutting close your fan and also, wrap your face with a mask so that the hair can’t move inside of yours. Call someone for help while using scissors so that they can hold and have less risk of accident. Because during this time when the dogs or any other animals saw the blade, scissor knife they become frightened and try to rush from there.


Don’t use human toothpaste. They will start irritating. Use meat flavor toothpaste with a special brush, comfortably available in DUBAI PET FOOD.


Check your dog’s claw after two or three days, trim them. Slide your hand over his head so that they can trust in you. IF they seem to curl then call your vet, it’s inflation period.


Stay calm with your dog while grooming. If you have any questions related to dog grooming or some incident that happened at that time, consult with any groomer or contact in DUBAI PET FOOD or PET HANGOUT. Avoid going outside during this pandemic situation.