How Can You Help Your Dog Deal with Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

We know the stress and sadness that accompany leaving your dog alone for a few days while you go somewhere. Not every place in the world is dog-friendly, and sometimes circumstances don’t let you take your pet with you. However, that does not mean that the dog must suffer. A few tips and tricks can help your dog steer clear of separation anxiety.

What is Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

This is a common problem faced by dogs all over the world. It is often linked to dogs being left alone by their human companions for a brief period. This can cause frustration and stress, leading to the dog “acting up.” If not taken care of, it can lead to other severe issues over time.

How to Deal with it?

first things first, pay attention to the signs and behaviors that your dog exhibits. does he or she tend to get testy or cranky? does your behavior before leaving the house to bring about a change in the dog’s actions? if you have observed these and other similar signs, read on to know how to help it.

Develop your Dog’s Brain and Body.

play brain-teasing games, teach your dog tricks, train the dog to be mentally active.

in addition to this, ensure that your ball of fur gets enough active time to exhaust itself (running, playing catch etc. are helpful).

Get it Used to your Absence.

while it hurts to leave your dog alone at home, you must make it easier by training it not to get affected by the signs of departure. this can be done by leaving for a few minutes first and then slowly increasing the time. residential dog training is another useful tool, which will be covered in a separate point.

do not Make a Big Deal out of Coming Back.

as excited as you are, don’t make your return a hyper event. as you re-enter your house, walk around a little, observe a few things before you pet your dog. before leaving the house, leave a few treats to engage the dog and take its mind off your absence.

Residential Dog Training

Residential dog training is a trend in Liverpool as well as in other States. This helps control and limit a dog’s destructive behaviour arising out of stress and anxiety. Residential dog training Liverpool helps in training your pet to familiarize itself with the house and learn to tackle anxiety productively, rather than wreaking havoc to express itself.

Following these pointers can help you and your dog resolve this problem, allowing you to leave happier and your lovable pet to calmly stay at home and wait for you!