How Can You Find the Best Cat Sitter in Los Angeles?

How Can You Find the Best Cat Sitter in Los Angeles?

What should you do if you have to leave your cat behind when traveling? When you must be gone, you may feel at ease knowing that a dependable sitter is keeping an eye on your cherished cat. So how can you find a trustworthy cat sitter? 

Fortunately, you have a wide range of choices in Los Angeles, from kennels to unofficial pet sitters like friends or relatives. Or even an in-home cat sitter that takes care of your pets in the comfort of their own home. Here are the best tips for finding the best cat sitter for your beloved pet.

Finding the Best Cat Sitter in Los Angeles

If you’ve decided to use an in-home cat sitter after careful consideration, you may be wondering how to do so. It makes sense that cat owners would want to hire a trustworthy pet sitter. Here are the most important pointers to help you choose wisely while looking for a dependable cat sitter nearby.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Asking a trustworthy friend, relative, or neighbor to take care of your cat while you are away is among the easiest and most affordable solutions. Depending on their requirements and temperament, you might hire someone to visit your home twice or three times daily to feed your cat, administer medicine, clean the cat litter, and play with your cat.

You might also request that the caretaker spend the night at your house with your cat so that it has companionship. Additionally, a member of your family, a close friend, or a neighbor may bring in the mail, water your plants, and do other minor housework tasks.

Having a familiar person care for your cat in your house is a terrific alternative for introverted cats who could feel overwhelmed if you boarded them at a facility. It’s also a cheap alternative since trusted friends or relatives could babysit your cat without charging you anything.

Get A Professional Cat Sitter

An excellent alternative if you can’t locate a relative, friend, or neighbor to watch your cat is to hire a professional cat sitter. Qualified cat sitters are available to visit your house regularly to feed, pet, and clean the cat’s litter box.

While you’re gone, some professional pet sitters may even live there permanently to ensure the cat is never alone. Additionally, pet sitters will take care of other domestic duties like taking out the garbage, picking up the mail, and watering your plants.

You can search on neighborhood social media platforms to find nearby pet sitters. Moreover, you can also hunt for a qualified professional pet sitter through the websites for pet sitting. The cost of hiring a professional cat sitter varies based on where you live and whether the sitter remains in your house the whole time you’re gone or only visits sometimes. The cost of hiring a cat sitter is on par with that of boarding facilities, but saves you a trip to a kennel and keeps your kitty comfortable.

Questions to Ask

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Once you have a candidate in mind, you need to get them ready to ensure they are a suitable match for your cat. Make sure you arrange a date with the cat. As soon as you do, ask that person to see your cat before you go on vacation. Take a step back and watch them engage with your cat; this will help determine if your cat is at ease with their approach.

Be sure to ask challenging questions as well. You need to ensure that the cat sitter will have access to your house and that your cat will be properly cared for while you’re gone. Trust is, therefore, crucial. Ask about the groomer’s insurance, expertise, services offered (such as devoted playtime and grooming), and backup plans in case anything bad happen to your cat, or it becomes ill or injured.

Finally, you should check the references. It’s always a good idea to check references, regardless of whether you received a referral from a friend. If a cat sitter is unable or unwilling to offer references, take that as a warning.

Find the Right Fit for Your Furry Friend

Cats are renowned for being independent animals. Therefore, you may question if you really need a cat sitter while you’re gone. Cats need more than simply food and water, despite the fact that they are better equipped to care for themselves than dogs.

Finding a good cat sitter may make the difference between fretting over while you’re gone and having peace of mind. You can’t go wrong with the best cat sitter in Los Angeles: The Comforted Kitty. Check out their reviews and website to find out how much their customers, and their cats, enjoy their service. They even have a great guide on the best places to shop for your cat in LA if you need to get some essentials before you leave your cat.

Your cat could be OK with an automated feeder and water fountain if you’re going to be gone for one or two days. Any longer than that, you’ll want to locate an excellent cat sitter to provide your cat the affection, entertainment, and fundamental human contact they need.

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