Cold Weather Exercise Ideas For Your Golden Retriever

Exercise Ideas

The calendar might still say that it’s summer, but the cooler temperatures at night are saying that autumn is almost here. And, while the cool, crisp days of autumn are perfect for taking your Golden Retrievers on long walks, it can make them reluctant to go outside and get some exercise. Still, Golden Retrievers need adequate exercise to stay healthy and happy, so it’s up to us to find some new and innovative ways to help them get the exercise they need when the weather turns cold.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some cold weather exercise ideas for your Golden Retriever. Let’s get started:

Create An Indoor Obstacle Course- if you have enough space in your home or your garage, you can create a fun and challenging indoor obstacle course for your Golden Retrievers. It can be as simple as some boxes or blocks of wood, or you can make it more elabourate using tubes, ramps, and other obstacles that will challenge your Golden Retrievers. As long as he is having fun and getting some exercise, the obstacle course design is up to you. You can even make it modular so you can change it up often.

Play Hide And Seek- playing hide and seek not only helps your Golden Retrievers hone their finding skills, but it can also provide them with some good exercise. Begin by hiding your dog’s favourite toy, and work up to more challenging objects like a piece of clothing with your scent on it, a family member, or their favourite treat. Make hide and seek challenging so your Golden Retrievers will get the exercise they need and so they will stay physically active when the weather gets colder.

Canine treadmill- there are specially designed canine treadmills which simulate taking your dog for a walk. These can be especially useful during inclement weather, or after your dog has had an injury and needs moderate, controlled exercise to heal.

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