The Uncovered Secrets Of Australian Shepherd Puppies

Many of us love puppies, and not just any other puppy but Australian shepherd ones, just from their look, their size and their behavior, they are amazing. But behind all these are many more characters that we have not known about. In this article, I am going to take you through some very important secrets that will help you have a better knowledge of the puppy you love most and are probably rearing in your house. The Australian Shepherd puppies have very many characteristics including the following:

  • Some are tail-less
  • Are prone to Heterochromia
  • Normally are attracted to one or two people
  • Are exellent in therapy
  • Have varied names

Tail-Less Puppies

AS we are used to looking at puppies, you may have noticed seeing one or a number of the puppies without a tail, well you don’t have to get worried about the pain the puppy is going through, the tail was not cut off, its just a gene that occurs in Australian shepherd puppies. The possibility of the gene to occur is calculated as one in five puppies, no wonder they are very few.

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Prone To Heterochroma

When this is mentioned, in most cases, owners of Australian shepherd puppies always get worried where to get a vet to check their puppies, not at all, it is just a character trait to have different color eyes. The colors range from blue, green, brown and so many more. If your puppy shows have this kind of color, you have nothing to worry about, it is their gene that they carry in their bloodline.

They Are Attracted To One Or Two People

Many Australian puppy owners always have a tale of how their puppies love to be with them almost everywhere they go. This behavior makes them perfect in obedience training. For those who love cuddling and carrying pets around, an Australian shepherd puppy will suit you best.

Have Exellent Therapy

Australian Shepherd puppies are so exellent in service, with high ability to be trained, they can easily adapt to whatever service you want them to. Whether it is your day to day activities or some specific tasks you want, Australian shepherds are the best fit for your service.

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Have Varied Names

Australian shepherd puppies as the popular name, are said to have originally come from Spain, they were bred in the States and other places. This gives them different names like California, Mexican shepherds, and many others.


How To Prepare When Transporting Your Pet ?

All pet-parents want their pet-baby to have the best possible comfortable ambience like good food, a cosy comfy bed, a solid cared routine etc. But, when it comes to their pet’s transportation, it becomes very much stressful to any pet owner. In this entire process you have to keep your pet away from you for a long time.

Though transferring pets across the country or city or to any long distance is really hazardous, yet a few planned steps can ease your pet’s relocation experience.

Gather All the Necessary Documents

The very first step you need to follow before transporting your pet is to gather the necessary paperworks that are important for the transportation procedure. You don’t need any documents if you are just moving to a new house in the same locality. But, if you are planning for a big move to another state, you must have to do proper research to know about the several transportation systems and their policies. Moreover, you have to arrange a road permit for interstate pet transferring. If your pet is specifically equipped with any microchip, you need to have that info papers too.

Set An Appointment with Your Pet’s Veterinarian 


Before transporting your pet, it is very essential to take it for a proper health by an accredited veterinarian. Before starting any transportation procedure you should take care of a few steps related to your pet’s health.

  • Get a health certificate according to transportation requirements
  • Make all the vaccination done before travelling
  • Update prescriptions
  • Ask the vet how to deal with motion sickness or upset tummy of your pet
  • Gather proper medical records signed by a licensed vet
  • If it is possible ask your vet for referring a vet in your new place or state.

Stay Strict to Your Pet’s Regular Schedule


This happens with most pets that they get stressed out if the daily routine gets disrupted. However, this is done to gradually introduce the move to them (pets). It is good to start packing one or two weeks before the move so that it’s easier for your pet to get accustomed to the change in its routine.

Make Moving Day Easy

Some pets freak out while boarding. So, here are some road and flight tips you may consider following to make their journey less disruptive:

For road trips, carry a pet bag containing:

  • Your pet’s favorite meal
  • Water
  • Treats
  • A first aid kit
  • Towels to use in mishaps
  • Disposable litter boxes

Comfortable flying tips while traveling with your fondle:

  • Always choose direct flights to your destination. It will help you avoid the inconvenience that could be occured during flight transportation. Also, it can keep you away from the hazard of airline delays.
  • Try to book the same airline for you and your fondle. So, that you keep in touch with it and inquire about your pet’s boarding and unloading.
  • Never transport your brachycephalic animals like Persian cats or Pekingese dogs by cargo holds as it can be fatal for them.
  • Always try to ship your pet in a well accommodated flight that will allow you to travel as per your preferred time. For example, in summer, it is better to fly early morning or late evening and in winter you should choose afternoon flights.
  • Affix a proper identification and your own address, pick up and drop destination names, your phone number and a temporary travel ID with your pet’s collar. So that you can be contacted in case of any emergency.
  • Avoid transporting your pet during holidays or festive periods as those have very much hectic schedules. It can cause restlessness in your pet.

Always label your pet’s crate carefully with exact contact information and travel destination.

You can also book a pet transportation service to ship your pet. They will accomplish all the necessary activities for a perfect shipping. But before booking any pet transport agency, you should research their reliability.

Make Your Pet Get Friendly With Its New Home


Make your pet accustomed to the new home as well as its new environment. Put your pet’s known objects like it’s favourite toys, bowls, litter pots, scratching posts at the same place they were kept in the old place. Such as, keep its bowls in the kitchen just like they were kept at the old place. Also, treat it with some extra care and keep your patience when it gets restless.

Hope this will be useful to prepare your pet before transportation.


Benefits Of Having A Corgi Puppy.

Corgi is a famous dog known for its small ball of fur and full of love and care. They are so popular due to the beneficial qualities in their personality. In this article, much of their benefits have been outlined. Click here for corgi puppies for sale.

They Form Perfect Herding Dogs.

Most people tend to think that Corgis are lap dogs. Despite this common perception, these dogs are very active and need stimulation through regular exercises. They will use the heel-nipping technique which I barely know if you have had about it. Farmers can attest to the valuable work these dogs deliver as cattle dogs.

Corgis Are Excellent Watchdogs.

Absolutely! They will always bark when a stranger is approaching your property. They are not usually entertained by stray dogs and cats near their territory. Their sharp hearing serves them even better while on a guarding role.

They Form Loyal And Smart Home Companions.

They are always good with children and are energetic enough to play all day. They are also very protective of their owners.

Corgis’ Fur Is The Smartest.

All pets deserve this special accolade, but I think a corgi is winning the hearts of dog lovers. According to a psychology expert, professor Stanley Coren, they are 11th in the list of cutest dog breeds.

Corgis Are Very Intelligent And Easy To Train.

Training them is relatively simple with the energy matching their ego. They are pretty sharp and can learn new commands in as little as 5 to 15 repetitions. They are versatile in working and capable of learning a great deal. I am yet t,o get any complaint about them becoming pushovers in training.