Are You Spoiling Your Dog With Too Much Love?

Are You Spoiling Your Dog With Too Much Love?

There is a huge difference between loving your pet and spoiling it, so the question arises – are you spoiling your dog with too much love? Here are the signs to look out for, without blinkers. Seek help from the dog trainer in Sheffield if you are unsure.

You Are The Leader

As a dog owner, you must be the leader. Do not overfeed your pet. It will get too fat. Your pet may not be ready for the outdoors because of overfeeding. The amount of time it will have to excrete will be not once or twice, maybe more!

Cut Your Pet Some Slack

Show your pet that you love it, but don’t get too lover the top. Dogs also need their space. They must mingle with their species and get their groove on especially during the mating season. Don’t keep your pet to yourself; let it out as it makes friends. Call in the experts in dog training Sheffield.


Work out a schedule for your pet like so with eating time, playtime. Do not let it interfere with family time or work. That said, never neglect your pet when you are busy. Ruffle its neck but don’t spoil it with an overbearing love. Not everyone likes being in the company of a pet owner who kisses his or her pet on the mouth! Save it for your partner!

Set Boundaries

Show your dog boundaries and do not let him get too close to edibles. While in the kitchen, ensure that your pet does not sniff around or taste the food. Throw him something to eat on and off – do not make it a habit. If you keep doing that, your pet will expect it all the time.

How Much Is Too Much

Do you mollycoddle your pet when he is in the company of someone new because it growls or whimpers? That said, a dog’s instinct cannot be ignored. But you cannot give in to your pet because he wants your attention. If you do this all the time, change it, show him that you are the master. If you are foxed, the dog trainer from Sheffield will be able to help you out.

Get Expert Training

If you feel that you have spoiled your pet rotten, get dog training in Sheffield, that should get the situation on the right track. Once your dog is properly trained, you will be happier as you love and stop spoiling your pet.