10 things Dogs Do When They Are Home Alone

10 things Dogs Do When They Are Home Alone

Dogs are like babies. Whenever you would walk your way back through your home doors, you’d see them jumping with excitement, licking you all over and wagging their tails with overjoy. It feels as if they are rejoicing at your homecoming with these words: Yayyy! You’re finally back! I missed you so much! I’m so happy you are home! This sight is very pleasing and you might be wondering, what did your furry friend actually do when you were away all this time? Obviously, you can’t ask them and neither can they answer, but we, at Pawstro a digital pet portrait company, did intensive research and have listed down 10 Things that dogs do when they are home alone. Moreover, we have also included little tips on how you can make it more fun for them when you are out and about.

  • Creating a mess: Many dogs have a tendency to get destructive whenever they are left alone. They might snack up on your footwear, scratch your pillows, doors etc. These could be because of boredom or anxiety issues that your dog might be going through. So, make sure that you take your dog for at least a 10-minute walk daily in the morning and evening both. While you are away, you can keep dog puzzles, toys around for their healthy mental stimulation or even a piece of clothing of yours for a familiar smell. If you feel that this behaviour of the dog continues for a long time, then make sure you visit a vet soon.
  • Awaiting your presence: Your little furball would do this more than any other thing. Interestingly, most of his living time is spent waiting for you! This is well-evident whenever you enter your home. Their eyes, body language and barks all give you a message of how they have missed you all day long. So, no matter what other mischief they carry out during the time you are away, in the back of their mind, they await your presence the most. Hence, consider sending them to a dog daycare home or appoint a caretaker for him/her so that they are well taken care of if you are away. This will help them to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


  • Exploring all your stuff: Doggos are joyful and curious little creatures. The amount of zeal and enthusiasm they are filled with is commendable. This gives them an urge to explore whatever is around your house. You can find them looking at or carrying around any of your accessories, stationery or even electronic gadgets. So, make sure that you keep your home well-organised and keep all the dangerous things away and locked. You never know what might interest them. So, ensure pet safety at your best since this is one of their favourite things to do.
  • Guard your home: Dogs have this inherent feeling to guard their homes and owner. This is because they get super protective of all the things that they consider purely theirs. Even if it is their toys, beds, food etc. If they are trained well, they will enjoy guarding your homes as a loyal protector. Dogs get alert when they see new people or hear some unusual noises. They also have this ability to calm themselves when they sense danger no more. They will also keep a check on whatever is happening around and keep themselves aware and entertained. So, in this way, even if you go away, he/she stands tall with pride to keep away from any unforeseen event and rule like a king/queen.


  • Taking Frequent Naps: Sometimes, your couch might have felt warmer than usual and you might have even spotted some of your pooch’s hair on it. This is because while you are absent, they finally get to jump on their favourite spot of the house. Dogs do not like to stay in one place for a long time and as soon as they find that their cozy spot is empty, they do not let go of the chance of taking a nap there. Since they are super active all day long, they take frequent naps in between to restore their enthusiasm and play energetically with you as soon as you are back home.


  • Listening to Music: Did you know that not only humans, but pets also find music as one of the best ways to unwind and relax. It is said that if you keep your playlist on. Your dog will love listening to it. Preferably, the genre should be soft rock, reggaeton or instrumental. So, if you are going to be away from your home for a few minutes, then this is going to make them love being home alone. But, do make sure that even in your presence you are able to make them used to your playlist because if you just turn on the music whenever you go out, then it is going to alarm them that you are leaving them alone. This might end up triggering them.


  • Running around the house: Dogs are lively and playful creatures. They always look for opportunities to run around your house. With them being home alone, they will feel like doing anything that they want to without having stopped. Running around spaces is what helps them rejuvenate too. Especially, if you have a backyard, leave it open, and watch them run around freely with lots of zest. The dog is simply going to love doing this whenever they are alone.


  • Walking around the kitchen: Dogs are well-known to love kitchen scraps. Even if their own dog food tastes super tasty, they will still yearn for human food and scraps. When you’ll be absent, they will explore all the food items and scraps around the house. Usually, they will end up exploring this whenever they feel hungry. So, it’s better that you place a bowl of food or water near them whenever you leave so that they won’t end up walking around the kitchen in search of food.


  • Playing with their toys: When they’ll be all alone at home, dogs will count on their toys. These can be balls, puzzle games, chew toys etc. These are considered to be their much loved pastimes. Dogs tend to feel gloomy when you are away, so playing helps them the most in keeping them away from boredom. Moreover, it helps them in proper mental stimulation.


  • Watching Cartoons: Just like babies, dogs love to watch cartoons. So, if you wish to go out for a shorter span, just switch on a cartoon channel and watch them getting lost in the world of fantasy. Since dogs are intelligent, they understand what is happening in the show and it keeps them pumped, full of emotions. They will love watching each and every minute of it, even if they are home alone. But, if you are planning to leave them alone for a longer time, do not consider this option.Dogs-love-their-own-company

Dogs love their own company but they cannot stay alone for a long time. So, make sure you do not keep them home alone for long hours. This can cause anxiety, depression, insecurity and separation anxiety in them. So, we at Pawstro, advise you to give them proper care, love and attention. This will keep them happy and healthy.